Beskidy Mountains

Today I want to show you a view of Beskidy Mountains in Poland. They are not high mountains, we have much higher, but very popular with the hikers. In the summer there is many, many people on the trails. The town down below is Ustron where I took you a couple of days ago to … More Beskidy Mountains

Library House / CFFC

In all my travels around the world I have never yet seen a more interesting and beautiful mural that the one which portrays old and secret and elaborate insides of a library. The mural is painted on an actual library building in Ustron, Poland where it draws a lot of justified attention from tourists. As … More Library House / CFFC

Pea Green House

Ustron, Poland. For other photographs of Ustron you can visit here. Some years ago people started painting their houses lovely colors of yellow, green, and orange. Because Ustron lies in the mountains, it can get a lot of snow in the winter. Most houses have seriously slanted roofs which help with the slip-sliding of accumulated … More Pea Green House

Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant

My two photographs for Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant: This happy little rooster comes from Ustron in southern Poland. It is an example of popular and commercialized folk art. Except for a fact that the local artist’s inspiration naturally proceeds from his familiar surroundings, neither the arrangement of colors nor the fact that it is a rooster is … More Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant