Morning and Evening

The corner of my neighbor’s property, who keeps eight cows that are all light brown with white heads. The cows almost never come close to this corner, where they could get photographed, but  stay in the middle of their huge pasture. Since the property also borders the main road, I usually see them from there. Now with the snow … More Morning and Evening


The first snow this year came, as expected. It snowed overnight and all Saturday. No chances of venturing outside to take pictures, unless I wanted my camera covered with snow. The next morning the world was quiet and peaceful, under the blanket of three feet of fluffy whiteness. On my driveway I have met the snow rat, … More Snow

Sycamore Tree

Today’s photographs will be an example of the abundant presence of snow that actually helps. The white tree on a background of gorgeously blue sky is enough to achieve excellent contrast in a photograph. Add to it the reflection of sunlight off the dazzling white snow that illuminates the branches from underneath and you have … More Sycamore Tree

Winter Flowers

Faithful to my commitment to find beauty in the winter landscape, I have stopped along the way to somewhere to see what is hiding (in plain sight) above the protective mass of snow that covers the ground. I am sure the snow does hide something – new, growing things. I can feel the spring in the air … More Winter Flowers

Imprisoned in Ice II

If I cannot change it, I will like it. I have decided that I will like something about this winter even though its prolonged occupation of my part of the world and ever present coldness make it rather disagreeable. I will allow that there is beauty in the winter landscape; the feeling of peace and quiet … More Imprisoned in Ice II