Moon a Day

I like it when the moon is so clearly visible in the end of the day. It seems to glow in the sky. This was a kind of day when even the sun seemed to cast cold rays on the world; when it disappeared the moon in its turn shone brighter, as if to say … More Moon a Day

Morning – Outside and Inside / WPC

Some mornings the moon has incredible colors. I get up at 5 am and when I catch it at its most vivid, I consider my day well started and its prospects very hopeful. Because, you see, what awaits me at home in those mornings, are a cup of tea and my freshly baked, round bread. … More Morning – Outside and Inside / WPC


The first¬†snow¬†this year came, as expected. It snowed overnight and all Saturday. No chances of venturing outside to take pictures, unless I wanted my camera covered with snow. The next morning the world was quiet and peaceful, under the blanket of three feet of fluffy whiteness. On my driveway I have met the snow rat, … More Snow