Two Dinosaurs / Cee’s B&W

Two dinosaurs – of course they are real! I saw them with my very own eyes. Touched them even… But seriously they, and a lot of their mates, can be found, seen, touched, sit upon, and photographed with in Krasiejow, Poland. I am going to post a lot more from my trip there but for … More Two Dinosaurs / Cee’s B&W

Monochrome: Onion.

Monochrome photography is, on occasion, even more expressive than color. In the olden days black and white was all that existed. The viewer looked beyond the obvious (which color intensifies) and was challenged and gratified with experiencing the art of composition. This was art. Today’s spectator expects color, and that in abundance. Photographs are “doctored” … More Monochrome: Onion.