Schroon Lake, NY

I am taking the trip to Schroon Lake in upper New York state, where my kids want to visit their friends in a Word of Life Bible Institute. It is the middle of October. The weather on the way up north is absolutely perfect – the sun shines all day, temperature is a pleasant 65 degrees, … More Schroon Lake, NY

Asleep Canoes

I am in the habit of taking my camera with me every time I go somewhere. Even if at first thought my destination seems unlikely to be of any interest because it is so ordinary and common, there may be things on the way that will be worth stopping. This time I am taking my son to a … More Asleep Canoes

Irish Boat Painting

This place really exists. The lake, the mountains, the blue boat. On our vacation in Ireland a couple of years ago we were driving along this lake. This was one of the scenic routes we have taken to see the Irish countryside. The weather was on the gloomy side – not surprising for Ireland really. … More Irish Boat Painting