Lake George V

With the gathering dark clouds Lake George looks dramatic. Last rays of the sun illuminate the heads of trees and the surface of the water already has that flat, grey look “right before the rain”. This is my last photograph from that trip since it started to rain a few minutes after I left. If … More Lake George V

Lake George IV

Great passenger ships cruise the waters of Lake George. During the summer season there is a number of these big boats that take tourist around the lake. Standing there I could not stop admiring the graceful lines of this ship. It reminded my of the Titanic and I thought if anyone ever had an idea … More Lake George IV

Lake George II

Fall is definitely the season to visit Lake George in particular and Adirondack Mountains in general. Not only at the lake, but along the highway leading there leaves turning colors make a delightful journey. If perchance I am not the driver, these are my hours of relaxation that I enjoy. What can be better than … More Lake George II

Lake George I

Lake George in the Adirondack Region. This is a very popular area for summer or vacation houses for New Yorkers. Motor boats, paddle boats, and all kinds of water equipment proliferate these waters in the summer. On Friday afternoons streams of cars leave the City and head for the lake. The same trend reverses on … More Lake George I

Narrow Ship / WPC

In reality this ship is not narrow, but I am pleased how on this photograph it does look slim and tall. Adirondac takes passangers on boat trips on Lake George, in Lake George, NY. This photo was taken off-season, in October, and at the later part of the day, and there weren’t any passangers. It … More Narrow Ship / WPC