Weathered Tombstones / WPC

The Old Jewish Cemetery that surrounds Remuh Synagogue. It is a Jewish custom to place a small stone on the grave while visiting the cemetery. According to tradition the visitor uses his or her left hand to do it. There are may explanations as to the origin of this custom. My own thought is that … More Weathered Tombstones / WPC

Remuh Synagogue I

Remuh Synagogue was built in 1553 in the old part of Krakow called Kazimierz. In the 15th century it was one of the largest Jewish communities  in Poland. Although it was the smallest of all synagogues in Kazimierz, today it is one of only two that are still active. This is the prayer hall.

Vintage Streets of Krakow III

Antique shops and art galleries open their doors and welcome treasure hunters and tourists alike. Or, as it is in my case, neither 😉 Even though I visit Krakow, I do not consider myself a tourist. More of a connoisseur of memories and collector of photographs 🙂