Attic Window

Houses of this type are situated in the south Poland, at the foothills of the majestic Tatra Mountains. The best known little town, Zakopane, is where this photograph has been taken. The steep slanted roofs are necessary; these mountains get a lot of snow in the winter and this shape allows the snow to slide … More Attic Window

Old Blue House

This house stood by the road where we stopped to get the essentials¬†( soda, chips, cookies ) for the trip. While the more responsible members of our family got to the store, the irresponsible ( read: photographers ) took a few quick shots. No doubt the “food” kept us all alive, but it is the … More Old Blue House

Library House / CFFC

In all my travels around the world I have never yet seen a more interesting and beautiful mural that the one which portrays old and secret and elaborate insides of a library. The mural is painted on an actual library building in Ustron, Poland where it draws a lot of justified attention from tourists. As … More Library House / CFFC

Pea Green House

Ustron, Poland. For other photographs of Ustron you can visit here. Some years ago people started painting their houses lovely colors of yellow, green, and orange. Because Ustron lies in the mountains, it can get a lot of snow in the winter. Most houses have seriously slanted roofs which help with the slip-sliding of accumulated … More Pea Green House