Tatra Mountains II

The clouds get “caught” by the Tatra’s high peaks and often threaten with rain even on a sunny day. Part of the trail that traverses the slope is visible; that was not our hike but you can appreciate the steepness of the climb.

Tatra Mountains I

Tatra Mountains, the highest mountains in Poland, are part of the Carpathian Mountains. The highest peak, Rysy, reaches 8200 ft. The mountains are a national park and very popular destination with hikers. There is an abundance of trails but since these are high mountains, most hikes are taking the best part of the day. For … More Tatra Mountains I

Beskidy Mountains

Today I want to show you a view of Beskidy Mountains in Poland. They are not high mountains, we have much higher, but very popular with the hikers. In the summer there is many, many people on the trails. The town down below is Ustron where I took you a couple of days ago to … More Beskidy Mountains

Asleep Canoes

I am in the habit of taking my camera with me every time I go somewhere. Even if at first thought my destination seems unlikely to be of any interest because it is so ordinary and common, there may be things on the way that will be worth stopping. This time I am taking my son to a … More Asleep Canoes