Boardwalk on Hel

Boardwalk is the central passage for tourist attractions to take place and local people to conduct bussiness. It is on the boardwalk that you will find the delicious smoked fish and cold beer that I mentioned earlier. Here you can buy ice cream and sit in the open cafe to have coffee or a cool … More Boardwalk on Hel

Smoked Fish

This is the way to smoke fresh caught fish from the Baltic Sea. It takes a while for it to reach the ideal smoky flavor, which depends somewhat on the type of fish and largely on the type of wood used in the process. We ate one – delicioso! – and had a taste of … More Smoked Fish

Sand, Sea, and Me

We walked on the beach on Hel alternating to soak our feet in the cold sea and warm them in the hot sand. I did not find either amber nor the pirate’s message in the bottle, but I returned with a few small new stones to my collection.

My Trip to Hel

You may be tempted to think that Hel is an imaginery place, full of all sorts of unpleasantness, and in any case only accessible after death. Welcome to Hel in Poland 🙂 It is a complete opposite! Hel is a 35 km long sandy penninsula that is located in the north of Poland at the … More My Trip to Hel