Bazie :)

That is what we call them in Poland 🙂 They too are responding to the sun and warmth 🙂 We are supposed to have a whole week of this summer in winter. I only wish that no cold front is looming on the heels of this weather.

Summer in Winter

Temperatures are now unbelievable 70 degrees in the end of February! Even though I do not know what is going on with this crazy weather, I am enjoying it to the last ray of sun 🙂 My daffodils are poking their green leaves from the ground. Today I saw my first blooming yellow crocus. These … More Summer in Winter

Meditative Mood

.On a rare occasion, the little statues that adorn people’s gardens actually add beauty to their surroundings. These two, although unlike in their age, do portray similar feelings. Both are in contemplative state of mind, absorbed in their own secret thoughts, and do not pay any attention to the viewer. And precisely through their quietness … More Meditative Mood