Frolicking Fauns

The three Fauns are dancing on a fountain in Gliwice, Poland. Created in 1928 and affectionately called “the devils”, they are the favorite meeting place in the town. One theory of their origin states that each Faun represents a mayor of one of the three neighbor towns Gliwice, Zabrze, and Bytom. Since they could not … More Frolicking Fauns

Blue Double Garage

This door is hidden in a neighborhood of villas in Gliwice, Poland. I discovered it as I was leaving the park that is nearby and happen to look behind me. There, behind the fence and at the angle to the street was this double garage with the doors in my favorite color 🙂 My contribution … More Blue Double Garage

Library House / CFFC

In all my travels around the world I have never yet seen a more interesting and beautiful mural that the one which portrays old and secret and elaborate insides of a library. The mural is painted on an actual library building in Ustron, Poland where it draws a lot of justified attention from tourists. As … More Library House / CFFC