Catania – Anfiteatro Romano

The amphitheater in Catania is located in the very center of the city, to the point that it is actually surrounded by busy streets and buildings. Built in the 2nd or 3rd century during the Roman Empire, the amphitheater offered sitting to fifteen thousand people. Now only a small section of the amphitheater is visible, … More Catania – Anfiteatro Romano

Catania’s Doors

How fortunate that in our walk through the streets of Catania I have paid attention to doors and windows. My strolls were usually in the noon-ish hours of the day, so most doors were shut and shutters closed. Mid-day heat in July is something to be reckoned with so no wonder people were careful to … More Catania’s Doors

Catania’s Nature

If you walk anywhere in Catania you will have a chance to see both “domesticated” and wild plants. Some of them you will easily recognize – maybe you even have them on your windowsill or in the garden. Others were growing in the “wild” by which I mean abandoned lots and roadside stretches of the … More Catania’s Nature

Catania Neighborhood

A short walk  – around a few blocks – reveals the uniqueness of Catania neighborhood. The architecture has the warm feel of the Mediterranean countries. It is July and the temperatures rise to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit by the middle of the day. Sicilians seem unaffected by it,  without the need to drink a lot … More Catania Neighborhood