The first¬†snow¬†this year came, as expected. It snowed overnight and all Saturday. No chances of venturing outside to take pictures, unless I wanted my camera covered with snow. The next morning the world was quiet and peaceful, under the blanket of three feet of fluffy whiteness. On my driveway I have met the snow rat, … More Snow

Winter Birds II

When there is a lot of snow on the ground, I spread the seeds under the patio table. With the roof over their heads and plenty of food under their feet, the birds have a feast. Although pretty, the blue jay is not a polite bird. Rather a bully when around others. He too announces … More Winter Birds II

Winter Birds I

This has been a so-so winter, so far. Not too bad, snow in the moderate amounts and cold – well, it could be warmer. I am a generous host to all outside birds and feed them well. There is always plenty in my winter eatery. I like them, my winter companions. They come early every … More Winter Birds I