Streets of Wroclaw XIII

Today we cast the last view on Wroclaw and its beautiful architecture. You have joined me on many walks through its streets and I hope you have enjoyed it 🙂 It was a pleasure for me to show you this city, one of my absolute favorites, and one that never fails to astonish me.

Streets of Wroclaw X

We should not forget about the many, many churches in Wroclaw. Since personally Gothic is my favorite style of architecture, I am presenting you with two churches. Between the Masses the churches are open and anyone can come in, sit for a moment in quietness, and contemplate the important issues of life – or just … More Streets of Wroclaw X

Streets of Wroclaw V

Choose the color you most like and you can probably find an apartment building in that color. The old part of Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful of the Polish cities. Krakow and Warsaw make the top three most visited towns.