Swiss Graffiti

We passed this mountain on the way down from Gotthard Pass. Challenging place to paint graffiti since the rock on which it is painted is right by the road and the cars passing by do not slow down. A place for desperados? 🙂

Snow Ploughing in Swiss Alps

The amount of snow that needs to me moved off the roads in Swiss Alps is enormous. So are the machines that do it! It is a common practice in many countries that get a low of snow in the winter to put chains on the tires to be able to drive uphill, if you happen … More Snow Ploughing in Swiss Alps

Through Gotthard Pass

On the way through Gotthard Pass we “met” a giant Toblerone  bar inviting us to refresh our bodies with bratwurst in the bun and our souls with such spectacular views. That is when we saw in all its winding, twisted glory the road we just came up. Gotthard Pass is where we saw the futuristic-looking … More Through Gotthard Pass

Crossing the Alps

Both times that we crossed the Swiss Alps this year I was surprised to see how quickly the fresh green grass appeared. With the mountains covered with snow at out backs and the steep winding road ahead of us we reached the first village in the valley. There we found the most unexpected sight: a … More Crossing the Alps

Swiss Alps by Train

One way to travel Swiss Alps and enjoy the breathtaking views is to take the train. The train passed us and the passengers were waving to us surprised to have a welcome party at this particular spot 🙂 If I did not already travel by car where I could stop everywhere I wanted, I would … More Swiss Alps by Train

Alpine Flowers

It is May in the Alps and the weather may be sunny and warm but it also may be still bitterly cold, even snowy. The flowers brave the weather no matter what comes their way and on our little ( and quite frequent ) stops on the way through the Alps we saw a few … More Alpine Flowers