Longwood Gardens Impressions I

I have not been around for a while – first getting ready to leave for vacations in Poland and currently still on it. It is impossible for me to find time and inspiration after all day of sight seeing or hiking, hence the silence. Where I have been and what I have seen you will … More Longwood Gardens Impressions I

Penn’s Cave II

In the winter bats hibernate in the cave in large numbers. In April when we visited Penn’s Cave they were all gone – all except one 🙂 The tiny guy was hanging from the ceiling, still deeply asleep. The guide pointed him out briefly, but did not want to disturb him unnecessarily. The cave is … More Penn’s Cave II

Penn’s Cave

Penn’s Cave claim to fame comes from an old and very well known story of tragic love of a Seneca Indian girl Nita-Nee and her sweetheart, the French trapper Malachi Boyer. They were forbidden to marry so they decided to run away together. Unfortunately, they were captured and Malachi was thrown into the Penn’s Cave … More Penn’s Cave