Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano is the largest (outside of Italy) Italian-speaking town in Switzerland. Nestled at the foot of the Alps and at the edge of Lago di Lugano, it is a picturesque little town. It is called the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland” because of the many celebrities and athletes that have been attracted to it. My stay … More Lugano, Switzerland

Carona, Switzerland

There is a chariming little place in Carona, Switzerland. Situated on the top of the mountain, at the hamlet of Ciona, this tiny village greets many tourists stopping here to look around, visit a white church, or stay in a little hotel. Osteria Ciona is as colorful outside as it is inside. The white chapel … More Carona, Switzerland

Green Hair of Lago di Lugano

View from Lavena Ponte Tresa on the Italian side of Lago di Lugano. Our trip from Switzerland to Rome continues. We drove through the scenic route which means we went through many small villages and towns. I passed near Capalbio – home of Manja from The Mexie Movie. Manja, these are for you 🙂  

Swiss Graffiti

We passed this mountain on the way down from Gotthard Pass. Challenging place to paint graffiti since the rock on which it is painted is right by the road and the cars passing by do not slow down. A place for desperados? 🙂

Through Gotthard Pass

On the way through Gotthard Pass we “met” a giant Toblerone  bar inviting us to refresh our bodies with bratwurst in the bun and our souls with such spectacular views. That is when we saw in all its winding, twisted glory the road we just came up. Gotthard Pass is where we saw the futuristic-looking … More Through Gotthard Pass