Fountain Frowns and Faces / CFFC

For this challenge I challenged myself to find a candid element to the fountains. All my photographs come from my trip to Rome, but I refrained from posting the well known fountains. Mine are either unknown or parts of bigger sculptures – if you know Rome very well, perhaps you can guess 🙂 If your … More Fountain Frowns and Faces / CFFC

Curving Snail Shell of a Staircase / WPC

Grand Staircase in Musei Vaticani. After visiting Musei Vaticani and seeing such incredible artifacts as the Sistine Chapel, tourists walk up and down the Grand Staircase and photograph it from every angle. For me it was a piece of architectural perfection locked in a curving snail shell of a staircase. Beautiful piece of functional art. … More Curving Snail Shell of a Staircase / WPC

Golden Door / CFFC

The door to the Baptisterium San Giovanni in Florence. The size and radiance is overwhelming when standing at the foot of it. Each rectangle depicts a biblical scene. The door is located at the side of the building where the sun does not reach and yet the amount of gold reflects the sun off the … More Golden Door / CFFC

Catania’s Doors

How fortunate that in our walk through the streets of Catania I have paid attention to doors and windows. My strolls were usually in the noon-ish hours of the day, so most doors were shut and shutters closed. Mid-day heat in July is something to be reckoned with so no wonder people were careful to … More Catania’s Doors