Gdansk – The Crane

The Crane in Gdansk, Poland is the sight that identifies the city. Located at the side of the river, the crane was built in 14th century for the purpose of loading and off-loading cargo from the ships and to set masts for the vessels going to sea. It is a wooden structure which at one … More Gdansk – The Crane

Corner House / WPC

The corner house in Poznan, Poland.  The whole side has been painted to resemble multiple buildings and you can see how the original windows have been incorporated into the mural. Instead of bare wall this mural now draws people to the little square. On one of the corners there is a little cafe that sets … More Corner House / WPC

Brzeg – Inside Portal

The entrance to the castle is a masterpiece of masonry, as you had the chance to see in my last post. Carved in stone on the other side of the portal are the emblems of the family and on the central pilar their faces look down at the passing of time and people.