Blue and Green Doors

Doors are one of my favorite architectural elements. Often their texture, shape, and flaking paint makes them unique and almost separate from the buildings to which they belong. This friendly set standing side by side resides permanently in Gliwice, Poland. If architectural parts of buildings are close to your heart as well, visit Red Barn Door, … More Blue and Green Doors

Barn / OWPC

One Word Photo Challenge – Barns from Poland. There are a few barns in my area and I have even had an eye for one of them, but because it stands by the busy road it is always inconvenient to stop there. Recent snowy, windy, and bitterly cold weather does not entice me to venture … More Barn / OWPC


They are obviously not ancient old, but they are made to look old enough to catch the eye. The hinges are parts of actual doors to the church. They remind me of huge oak gates that once protected the castles from the invaders. Since in medieval times churches served as the last bastion of protection … More Hinges

Red Barn Door

Pennsylvania country roads. I am driving past this barn once every week. I always hesitate to stop at the side of the road and just take pictures of other people’s property. I always feel I should at least ask permission. Well, this time I did not, just stopped for a moment and took this photograph. … More Red Barn Door

Poland – Iron Gates

Iron gates have interesting motifs.   I like finding patterns and designs in unexpected places; places where one normally does not looks for inspiration. This time I found them in metal gates, fences, and even the old sewing machine table. The latter I discovered in an outdoor restaurant where it served as a table for … More Poland – Iron Gates