The Y Trees

Trees are my favorite subjects for photographs. Silhoueted against the sky, dripping with rain, covered with snow. I always find them fascinating, living the lives of their own. This group seems to be engrossed in conversation. It reminds me of the Gathering of Ents 🙂 Somewhere in Poland…  

Flooded River

Recent heavy rains brought two results: melted the rest of the snow and flooded the river. Swatara does not need prolonged rains to flood; a good night and day of rain will flood the surrounding fields. I am always amazed at the amount and speed of water rushing in the overflowing river. There are many … More Flooded River

Silver Grey Trees

I am fascinated with forests and trees. Sycamore trees. Hairy trees. Bonsaied trees. I am drawn to their unique shapes, to their colors, and to the associations with other objects that they sometimes present. But most of all, they invoke a sense of peace, bring tranquility to my mind. A forest in Poland. Also my contribution … More Silver Grey Trees

Sycamore Tree

Today’s photographs will be an example of the abundant presence of snow that actually helps. The white tree on a background of gorgeously blue sky is enough to achieve excellent contrast in a photograph. Add to it the reflection of sunlight off the dazzling white snow that illuminates the branches from underneath and you have … More Sycamore Tree