Tatra Mountains VI

Hiking in Tatra Mountains is very popular. When the weather is good you will find a lot of people on the trails. Although you cannot see it, the trails are very well and frequently marked on the rocks and even though the terrain may look deserted it would be difficult to get lost. If you … More Tatra Mountains VI

Sunrise / WPC

Even more temporary than changing leaves in the fall is the light of the sunrise. I am blessed to live a little outside of town. The sun rises in my front yard and illuminates my drooping tree. A mist hangs low on the fields and because of the little hills it creates this multidimentional look. … More Sunrise / WPC

Tatra Mountains V

Tatra Mountains has varried terrain on the trails. Sometimes there is a path – grassy or rocky – but fairly level. At other times you climb over stones and boulders and both hands come in handy 😉 The buildings you see here are the end station of the gondola lift that comes all the way … More Tatra Mountains V

Tatra Mountains IV

Glorious sunny day in the Tatra Mountains. When you are on top, any direction you look there is a new vista to see. It makes it difficult to actually hike effectively, because I want to stop every few steps to take in and somehow preserve this new view.

Tatra Mountains II

The clouds get “caught” by the Tatra’s high peaks and often threaten with rain even on a sunny day. Part of the trail that traverses the slope is visible; that was not our hike but you can appreciate the steepness of the climb.

Tatra Mountains I

Tatra Mountains, the highest mountains in Poland, are part of the Carpathian Mountains. The highest peak, Rysy, reaches 8200 ft. The mountains are a national park and very popular destination with hikers. There is an abundance of trails but since these are high mountains, most hikes are taking the best part of the day. For … More Tatra Mountains I

Window to the Storm

One summer afternoon this was the view from my window. Storm was approaching, heavy grey clouds hanging low above my city. In my apartment as I was waiting for the thunder and rain, I was amazed at the rich colors of the building. My contribution to Weekly Photo Challenge – Window.