Blue Double Garage

This door is hidden in a neighborhood of villas in Gliwice, Poland. I discovered it as I was leaving the park that is nearby and happen to look behind me. There, behind the fence and at the angle to the street was this double garage with the doors in my favorite color 🙂 My contribution … More Blue Double Garage

Catania’s Doors

How fortunate that in our walk through the streets of Catania I have paid attention to doors and windows. My strolls were usually in the noon-ish hours of the day, so most doors were shut and shutters closed. Mid-day heat in July is something to be reckoned with so no wonder people were careful to … More Catania’s Doors

Old Cottage Doors

This photograph was taken somewhere in Poland during one of my travels. Even though it is falling apart it retains its charm and memory of past beauty. Thursday Doors – March 10.

Red Door

This door is a part of larger barn door which you can see here. My contribution to Thursday Doors – March 3. There you can click on the blue bar to see what others have posted.