Tatra Mountains X

We are back to the civilization! Still some distance to cover but we are definitely getting closer to home. Sleeping benches of the lift are waiting for the next season when they again will be full of people who come here to enjoy winter sports.

A very welcome sight – a hostel 🙂 We go there of course to have a cup of hot tea and a bowl of chicken soup. Delicious! And perfect for both body and soul 😉 Nothing tastes that good after 6 hours of hiking down the mountain.

A hostel like that offers the hikers hot meals and a place to sleep. In the summer and winter season they get very busy. We were there in June and since the summer vacation has not started yet, not many people were there.

Another hour and we reach the plain and leave the beautiful Tatra Mountains behind us. Just look where we have been that very day! This was a great hike – and I am so grateful we could do it and the weather was perfect.

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