Gliwice In Orange

This is my hometown, Gliwice in Poland. In the old part of town there are many small and narrow streets that lead to the main plaza where the Town Hall stands. Here and there, under arcades and in the shade of trees there are small cafe’s where you can have a coffee or tea.

Tea, served hot, has always been the most popular drink in Poland. In the last decade coffee has march in with an array of tastes and nowadays I would say they are equal. Tea is still preferred by the older generation while coffee is enjoyed by the younger.

My favorite is green tea with rose hips but made with whole tea leaves steeped in a small teapot and poured into a clear glass. What is yours?

10 thoughts on “Gliwice In Orange

  1. Unlike my hometown Newport News in the United States, we have many chain coffee shops that cater to the working class of people and college students. Now through the cell phone, people place their order to pick up from the drive through window. They have no time to socialize and enjoy their flavored coffee. Buzz in and buzz out.

    Here in my area of the world, coffee is the most popular drink. I wonder is it the coffee the people enjoy or the many sweet additive ingredients that go into a coffee. It is very rare I see someone drink their coffee black. I do like a coffee from fresh roasted beans brewed at the right temperature with nothing to cover that steamy aroma and taste.

    As you guess I am of the older generation with some on coming of arthritis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I have taken to alternative means to control these issues. One way is through tea. I enjoy a good ginger and lemon tea which helps with the aches in my knees and ankles. Then roasted dandelion root that gently stimulate the liver. I like a good Earl Grey black tea to sip on as I read a book. My favorite tea is a green tea with hibiscus. The other alternative is through herbal vitamins.


    1. I do live in the US so I am very familiar with chain coffee shops. I agree with your observation that people come for the drink and not to talk and spend time together. It is very different in Europe. Every year I go back to my Poland and then truly enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, a slice of cake, and a conversation with friends in a cozy cafe. It is a completely different experience and I am sorry for the people in the US. They do not know how to enjoy time with a friend – sitting down, holding a real cup of coffee or tea, and talking face to face. Cell phone in the pocket 😉


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