Penn’s Cave II

In the winter bats hibernate in the cave in large numbers. In April when we visited Penn’s Cave they were all gone – all except one šŸ™‚ The tiny guy was hanging from the ceiling, still deeply asleep. The guide pointed him out briefly, but did not want to disturb him unnecessarily. The cave is connected with the lake at the end. The beaver comes to the cave as well – when all the tourists are gone for the day and the evening approaches, he sometimes spends the night there. Occasionally an owl may fly in for the night, but it stays close to the entrance.

Some of the formations in the cave are illuminated, and the colors change. It is rather nice, although for me too commercial. I would prefer the colors of the rock. But since even weddings are organized in the cave, I understand they want to beautify it as much as possible.

4 thoughts on “Penn’s Cave II

  1. great place, Sonia. Hope you’re fine. I’m still looking for the drawing. Up to now I didn’t find it. We’re just looking for a new house and have a lot of stress in the following months. Have a nice weekend, kind regards Mitza

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    1. That would be true but for one difficulty: you can only see Penn’s Cave sitting in a long canoe. We were lucky because there were only 5 other people with us. Usually the boat takes about 30! Also, they turn off the lights as soon as the boat passes that spot šŸ™‚


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