Blue Teapot Composition

Part of the arrangement at Wheatland, President James Buchanan’s mansion, this teapot caught my attention because of its vivid color. This may not be the actual one used by the President and his wife, but it fist the period.

I visited Wheatland a couple of weeks ago and had a tour around the house. During a tour so much depends on the guide – he or she will either endear you to the place you visit or will leave you indifferent. My guide was an old lady – and let me tell you what a lady she was! Surely in her seventies, expressive and witty, dressed in a period costume, she moved around the house as if she lived there all her life. Patient with photographers – and that is no small thing 😉

If you are ever in Pennsylvania and in the vicinity of Lancaster, visit Wheatland. You will learn something about James Buchanan and understand more of the complexities of his term and.

2 thoughts on “Blue Teapot Composition

    1. Thank you 🙂 I thought the teapot made a great appearance in my photo, but frankly if I had a set of china in this color I would not like it that much. The color would be too strong for me. But I am so glad you enjoy it 🙂


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