Monumental Trip / WPC

Today I want to share with you a few photographs of the trip I have taken years ago, but which I relish as one of the best.

In 2012 our family flew to Las Vegas, rented a RV, and embarked on a 10 day trip around national parks. Unforgettable time and scenery. We watched the sun rise and bring to life the intense colors of the rocks. We saw blooming cacti and adobes built by people long gone. We fell asleep with the wind whistling all around us and the setting sun giving the deepest hues to the rocks.

Monument Valley, AZ
Monument Valley, AZ

My contribution to Weekly Photo Challenge – Wanderlust.

16 thoughts on “Monumental Trip / WPC

    1. Yes! That is what we did – renting the RV – and it was great. I recommend it highly. If you go off season, you would not even have to worry about finding a place to stay overnight, as most of the RV campgrounds are rather empty.


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