Shofuso Japanese Garden

Shofuso Japanese Garden seems to be a part of the house that is simply outside 😉 It was redesigned in 1958 by Tansai Sano to complement the House, in the style of the 17th century viewing garden. The same feeling of quietness and tranquility enters the mind as soon as one steps out of the house. Wide and shallow wooden steps allow you to recline with your back to the house and let your gaze rest on the lake and surrounding trees.

The Land of Cherry Blossoms is called that for the reason. There was a beautiful white cherry tree in full bloom there. Many other trees blossomed and it would have been even more spectacular to visit there in a week’s time when the flowers were fully opened.


8 thoughts on “Shofuso Japanese Garden

    1. That snow last week is truly an undeserved suffering. I empathize with my whole heart. My hope is that it passes quickly and you have a very warm rest of the spring. Moze Misiak przywiezie ta ciepla pogode ze soba 🙂

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