I Am Secure in Mom’s Love / WPC

This is an old photograph but after searching my library for images of strong towers and mighty doors I decided that the warm love of this mother cat depicts the idea of security best. At least for me. Every time I look at this photograph I am amazed at the tenderness of the mother – and although she does not do anything, her presence alone provides such a feeling of security for her kittens that you can sense it.

I photographed the cute trio in Wroclaw, Poland while visiting around the University of Wroclaw. They were snuggling together under the bush at one of the small parks. Passersby noticed them, but did not disturbed them.

My contribution to Weekly Photo Challenge – Security.

9 thoughts on “I Am Secure in Mom’s Love / WPC

    1. Ty wiesz, ze ja tez nie? Moze z wyjatkiem kotow. Bo one sa takie piekne! Ale tez tylko okazyjnie, calego blogu tylko o kotach tez bym nie ogladala. A ta moja trojka jest taka kochana ze nie moglam sie jej oprzec 🙂

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