Streets of Wroclaw VII

I am back after the not quite intentional break to take you again for a stroll through Wroclaw streets.

Peaking into little side streets and alleys will benefit in finding gems of architecture hidden behind fences and gates. If you meet people that live there they may even tell you something about the history of this place. Or you may just have a pleasant conversation about the best flavor of ice cream 🙂

8 thoughts on “Streets of Wroclaw VII

    1. No wrocilam 🙂 Najpierw byla przerwa w szkole, potem sniezyca uniemozliwila dojazd do pracy. Z paru dni zrobilo sie dwa tygodnie. Blogowanie idzie mi najlepiej jak chodze do pracy, bo rutyna pomaga mi regularnie pisac. W domu za duzo roboty i zawsze jest cos wazniejszego 🙂

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