Streets of Wroclaw IV

Some of the most beautiful apartment building in Wroclaw are so intricately decorated that one could stand on the pavement below and admire them for some time. In fact in the town center there are numerous benches and people do just that. Others – like me – scout the best angle for the shot 😉


The bane of modern era for photographers in a city like Wroclaw are the ever present advertisements of all shapes and sizes. Mostly, king size. It is annoying to the highest degree when one has a frame filled with ugliness covering the desired subject. You can see a miniature of this problem in this image, although I have already cropped out the original photograph.

11 thoughts on “Streets of Wroclaw IV

      1. I’m pretty sure that I would really love Wroclaw a lot, it reminds me a bit of some old German towns. If I can, I would love to go there. Up to then I enjoy your photos, regards Mitza

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        1. I was sure it has been German before the war. Thanks for your information, Sonia. By the way, my German grandparents came from Stettin, Scezin ? In Polish, but I have never been there yet. Do you know it, too? Have a nice weekend, regards Mitza

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