Amish Life

In Pennsylvania there is quite a large Amish community centered around Lancaster. Many Amish live in small towns bearing sometimes quite unprecedented names 🙂 A number of places offer a look into the lives of the Amish. One of them is The Amish Village located in Ronks, PA. Here a house and farm building have been turned into a museum when one may step back in time to imagine oneself living the simple ( but harsh ) life of the Amish.

There are many curious facts about the Amish, but I will tell you only one. Did you know that the traditional dresses of women in that community are not sown but are held together with small straight pins? Somehow they learn not only to wear clothes made that way but to work in them as well. And theirs is daily and strenuous physical work. That earns my respect.

If you are interested I encourage you to visit Awa on the Road to look at her Amish impressions here, here, here, here, and here.


14 thoughts on “Amish Life

    1. Yes, indeed. That was fun 🙂 Przypomnij mi kochana co to bylo za miejsce ktore odwiedzilysmy w zeszlym roku – olbrzymi palac gdzie bylo tyle do fotografowania ze gonilysmy wycieczke?


        1. Silly me 😉 Mysle, ze chodzi o wdzieczne ruchy jak w tancu albo kwiat delikatnie poruszajacy sie na wietrze. Normalnie poradzilabym zobaczyc co opublkowali inni, ale czasem to nie dziala 😉


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