My New Horizons / WPC


Both of these photographs represent some aspects of my life. Up there, the sea gull that sits on the shore contemplating the distant horizon – that is me, pondering in my middle age what is it that I want to do with my life?

Below where the boardwalk extends into the lake – this is how far I have gone into this adventure called “life”. Each pole represents some things that I have lived or accomplished; each one of them new when I embraced it; each one extending my abilities and challenging my reservations. But this is not the end. Notice the box at the end of the walk. In it are all the new possibilites still in store for me. When I am ready I can open it and pull out the next thing I want to try. With each new adventure the boardwalk of my life will extend a little further and make my life more satisfying.


My contribution to Weekly Photo Challenge – New Horizon.


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