400 Anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes

Stepping into the post office in Valencia, I discovered not only an old and beautiful building, but an interesting surprise inside. There, in the midsts of people standing in lines to the windows, was displayed a collection of art in the form of postage stamps commemorating the life and achievements of Miguel de Cervantes and his most famous book Don Quichote. The year 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of his death. The book he wrote is timeless. Have you read it?

I like the one where they play chess…

9 thoughts on “400 Anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes

        1. I think the idea behind this exhibition was mostly to show people’s talents in originality of ideas. The acutal “stamps” were rather large – more like drawings and paintings. Perhaps it was even a competition – whose design will end up on an actual stamp.

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