Valencia – Ayuntamiento (Town Hall)


Valencia‘s town hall is a busy place where more and less official people come and go all day. After the first time (or few times) I doubt they notice any more their grand eclectic surroundings, but to a visitor like me there was plenty to see. After the ever-present security check I could wander freely in the areas open to the public. I poked my nose to the ballroom with enormous glass chandeliers, the assembly room, and the balcony from which one could view the events of the day such as fireworks during the week of the Fallas festival. Needless to say, my day did not fall on that week, so no fireworks 😉

But there was a choir concert taking place in the ballroom and believe me, this high vaulted room had great accoustic. Music was flowing gently to the hallway and visiting tourists hushed their voices and came closer to listen. For me, music adds a dimension to my experiences that makes the place more and longer remembered than the “quiet” ones I visit. It is not even important what piece of music was sung that day; what matters is that through music this place is now deeper ingrained in my memory.

The assembly room was similar ( in shape and furnishings) to others you may see in any town hall; and yet different too. Due to its diminutive size it was cozy and snug. I noticed tourists slipping quietly to the cushioned seats and resting in silence. It felt almost like being in a church but more relaxed. I too sat there for a while. To rest, yes, but also to “soak up” the atmosphere of this place. In the distance I could still hear the choir singing…





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