Tiny People / WPC

I bet you did not know that there is one city in Poland that is inhabitated not only by people, but also by dwarves. Wroclaw, in southern Poland, has by now a popoulation of 163 and growing. Each one has a name, but you will forgive me for not knowing them 🙂

If you visit Wroclaw and are equipped with a special map you can embark on a trail to find all of them. But you would have to really pay attention. Like all dwarves, those too like to hide in unexpected places. Sometimes they want to be found; at other times you may come up short by a couple of tens 🙂 It all depends on the day – yours and theirs. But do not despair; they are warm-hearted patrons of the city and they welcome all who are kindly disposed to them.

On a practical side it is rather difficult to be photographed with them. Not because they are unwilling, oh no. Being of a diminutive size and frequently found underfoot of visiting tourists, you would have to lay down on the pavement to have a picture taken with them. Unless, of course, all you want to photograph is your foot 😉

Without further ado, let me introduce you to a lively bunch of joyful dwaves:

You can find more information about them at Krasnale.pl.

My contribution to Weekly Photo Challenge – Tiny.


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