Welcome to the House of the Gnome / CFFC

My little friend snoring by the entrance to his home is one of the over 150 gnomes that inhabit Wroclaw, Poland. While walking in the city you can find them underfoot, on the window sills, behind street lamps and in all sorts of unbelievable places. Some are very visible, others you really have to look for.

My contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Entrances and Doors.


21 thoughts on “Welcome to the House of the Gnome / CFFC

        1. Dobra, juz dobra, wrocilam do tego, ktory lubilas 🙂 Mnie tez sie chyba najlepiej podoba, albo sie do niego po prostu przyzwyczailam. Ciesze sie ze dalas mi znac jak cie sie zmiany (nie)podobaly. 😉 Nie ma to jak siostrzana krytyka – jedna z niewielu ktorej slucham 😉

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