Library House / CFFC

In all my travels around the world I have never yet seen a more interesting and beautiful mural that the one which portrays old and secret and elaborate insides of a library. The mural is painted on an actual library building in Ustron, Poland where it draws a lot of justified attention from tourists. As you can see there is even a cave full of books to the left of the entrance.

I like to stand in front of it each time I am there and imagine myself lost in that wonderful library. Not truly lost; but just enough so that I can forget about time and enjoy every book that I take from the shelf.

My contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Houses or Barns.

15 thoughts on “Library House / CFFC

    1. Koniecznie. Dla mnie to jest jedna z wiekszych atrakcji. Tam jest jeszcze jeden taki “mural” – tym razem na rynku – scenka z ubieglego stulecia gdzie panie i panowie stoja przy starym samochodzie. Mozna tam z nimi stanac i sfotografowac sie “jak za dawnych czasow”.

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  1. WOW! This must be fantastic to see in real life, what a piece of work and you managed to capture the murals so well. I can’t pick a favourite, they are all equally great.

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