Chateau de Chillon – Adornments of Life

We may be tempted to think that since castles are rather rough looking structures, they would be devoid of unnecessary decorations. Yet that is usually not the case. I find that the human spirit is undaunted and seeks to improve and beautify its surroundings with any means available. In Chateau de Chillon I found many examples of artisitic talent worked on items of very practical purpose.

Window shutters. It takes a moment to realize that they may be closed for long periods of time and therefore no one could appreciate their handiwork. Yet someone thought that for those times that they are open, it would be pleasant to have them beautifully carved.

“The Throne” as I called this chair. Here the wood work might actually have been something of a double-edged sword. Beautiful, yes, but I bet mighty uncomfortable for the back of the lord who sat on in eating, receiving guests, or judging disputes. Each of those occasions were rather extended events πŸ™‚

Locks. Their chief purpose was to work without fail. They did not need to be pretty. And yet as I strolled through the many rooms of the castle I was astonished to find so many of these mechanisms simply beautiful πŸ™‚ Their larger-than-now size I understand; it was more difficult to make them small by hand. Some have such intricate designs that they are more artistic that utilitarian pieces.

Doors. In the medieval times they were more a part of the design of the chamber that the average door is in our times. Every part was carefuly thought of and executed. The lintels, the lock,Β the hinges, the whole surface was hand made to be one beautiful piece that would coordinate with the room.


8 thoughts on “Chateau de Chillon – Adornments of Life

  1. The decorated chairs are definatelly against comfort; yet, we all saw plenty of them πŸ˜‰ As for the “unnecessary beauty”: I’m continuously estonished by the XIX century’s owners of factories, coal mines and other industrial sites. These buildings are purely utilitarian, yet in Silesia region they are wonderfully and sometimes quite heavily decorated.

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