Charlie Chaplin’s Vevey

As much as I am impressed with the Fork in the Lake in Vevey, Switzerland, that little town is not famous because of an hugely oversized eating utensil stuck into the water. A short walk through Vevey will quickly impress upon you the still present spirit of Charlie Chaplin.

The famous actor of black and white silent movies lived here from 1953 until his death in 1977. Chaplin created his unforgettable “Tramp” in 1914 and this character helped him become a Hollywood star. He left the United States permanently after being accused of being a communist sympathizer and moved to Switzerland. He continued to act in the movies while living here, but he also enjoyed a much quieter atmosphere around himself visiting neighboring villages and walking to Vevey for dinner.

So now, let’s visit the “Tramp”  🙂

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