Crossing the Alps

Both times that we crossed the Swiss Alps this year I was surprised to see how quickly the fresh green grass appeared. With the mountains covered with snow at out backs and the steep winding road ahead of us we reached the first village in the valley.

There we found the most unexpected sight: a golf course! Firstly I did not really expect the Swiss villagers to be interested in playing golf. Secondly, it must be difficult to keep that course in the tip-top shape that characterizes all Swiss endeavors: the weather does not cooperate very often; the snow stays on the ground long during spring and it must be already too cold to play around October.

Other sights were just as I expected them: white and black sheep grazing on the slopes, traditional Swiss architecture in the village; all the countryside looked as if it was freshly combed. There is just no other country in the world quite like Switzerland 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Crossing the Alps

    1. I love the Alps as well. Such magnificent mountains. I think there must be enough people enjoying the pleasures of golf, otherwise why would it be there? Perhaps that is the main tourist attraction there for those who do not love the Alps as much 🙂

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