Swiss Alps by Train

One way to travel Swiss Alps and enjoy the breathtaking views is to take the train. The train passed us and the passengers were waving to us surprised to have a welcome party at this particular spot 🙂 If I did not already travel by car where I could stop everywhere I wanted, I would have taken the train. Each passenger sits by the huge window enjoying the views and refreshments.

At this point we are about half way to the pass. The mountains are looming over us with their snow covered heads as if to tell us that we need to take them seriously. The Alpine flowers that I showed you in my last post grow here; depends in which direction you look there is either green grass already covering the slopes or the remnants of last year snow. Temperatures on the chilly side but nothing to compare with the freezing rain on the Andermatt Pass. In one short journey in the Alps one can go from sunny and pleasant to overcast and freezing and back to warm temperatures. Come and enjoy, but come prepared 🙂

What else besides the train and the bus travels the winding and dizzying Alpine roads? I will show you next time 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Swiss Alps by Train

    1. Definitely. What I show you is just a drop. There is a whole ocean of gorgeous mountains, picturesque villages, and unique details that make Switzerland one of the most beautiful countries in the world 🙂

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