Catania’s Nature

If you walk anywhere in Catania you will have a chance to see both “domesticated” and wild plants. Some of them you will easily recognize – maybe you even have them on your windowsill or in the garden. Others were growing in the “wild” by which I mean abandoned lots and roadside stretches of the ground.

Given the Mediterranean climate of Sicily both the wild and domestic but growing outside plants do very well.  Enjoying the abundance of sun they thrive. We could say that some of them are just overgrown weeds…. but that would not be nice to them, since some are pretty and others – lets call them “armored”. 🙂 Enjoy the variety of nature in Catania and tomorrow we will continue our journey through that town.

4 thoughts on “Catania’s Nature

    1. Yes 🙂 But they are popular in the US as well, in fact, I have the green ones in my garden, where they look lovely, but ordinary. Somehow in Catania they looked like exotic plants 🙂 That is what travel does – makes ordinary things special 🙂

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