Lubiaz – Abbot’s Refectory

Abbot’s Refectory is the last room on our walk through Cistercian Abbey and Monastery in Lubiaz. Paintings and frescoes are done by Michael Willmann. Very talented but capricious artist was known as the Silesian Rembrandt. His antics as an “artistic soul” are remembered to this day by the following story. Commissioned by the Abbot to paint this Refectory, he decided to first get drunk, then recover for a few days, and finally when not paid promptly enough proceeded to paint the Abbot “in Adam’s clothes”. The terrified Abbot quickly reached to his coffers and only then the mollified artist graciously added adequate clothing to the painting.

Now that our visit to the Abbey and Monastery reached its end, you can appreciate the great task that still awaits the restoration team if they are ever to renovate the whole complex. The money needed is enormous. But the work done so far is such a reward for those who visit this place. I think you will not be surprised when I tell you that I have been there twice already and given a chance will go again this year. Care to join me for a visit? 🙂

For a view of the church and the monastery, you can visit  Prince’s Hall, Summer Refectory, and the Abbey Church.

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