Lubiaz – Abbey Church

We are continuing our walk through the Cistercian Abbey in Lubiaz. The Abbey Church is a beautiful and grand building. Before I invite you inside, I want to once again present to you the outside view of the church. I think that looking at it you can imagine how splendid the inside will be.


And it is very well that you, dear reader, have a bountiful imagination. Because as you enter the building you will be struck and saddened by what you will encounter. You see, there is nothing inside. Bare walls and hollow spaces. Everything, but I mean absolutely everything have been removed, stripped from the walls, destroyed, and stolen during the war. So you will need your imagination like never before to fill the empty spaces with frescoes, paintings, iron works, altar, stain glass windows, pews…. and the sweet smell of candles.

The only thing that has come back to the church is the beautiful ornate gate that has been stolen but later recovered. As sad as it is to pity ruined creation of many wonderful artists, I think you can still appreciate the austere beauty of a stone construction of the church. Even in its naked state it is awe inspiring. And perhaps more so, because free from all distractions it is more welcoming to quiet meditation.

As we leave the church we will walk through that part of the Monastery where monks had their cells. It is a huge part of the complex, but because it is all in the state of bare ruin, it is inaccessible to tourists. All that you would be able to see is the vaulted corridor with many doors. And we will walk that corridor to the last room. But that in the next post 🙂

I know it is a stretch of the imagination, but in its glory days these corridors have been decorated with frescoes. Rooms were heated (!) through a central heating system of the Renaissance era – a huge kitchen in the basement that provided warmth to the monk’s cells by the natural flow of warm air through passages and openings in every room. So as you see, the monastery life was not that bad 🙂

If you linger behind the group as it proceeds to the last room, you may be able to hear whispers of the monks still walking these corridors…

If you missed the previous stops on our walk, here you can visit Prince’s Hall, Summer Refectory, and the Cistercian Abbey and Monastery.

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