Lubiaz – Prince’s Hall

Prince’s Hall is one of the most elaborate and beautiful chambers that I have ever seen. It is two stories high and is located in the part of the Lubiaz monastery that belonged to the abbot. The ceiling is painted by Michael Willmann, who is also the author of all the frescoes in the abbey and the monastery.


The front of the hall – this is what you see as you step through the door:


The back gallery:


On the following photograph I want to point out to you two details that must have been kept according to the rules of Renaissance architecture. The rule of symmetry required that both the lower and the upper doors be exactly the same. As you look at the photograph, the wooden lower door are real, but behind them there is a wall that separates the Prince’s Hall from the next chamber. The same applies to the right door on the balcony – it is only painted on the wall. All of these modifications had to be made simply because of the size of this hall. Not only it is two stories high, width wise it occupies the whole space of that end of the building.

Zgodnie ze stylem renesansu, musiala byc zachowana symetria sali. Prawe drzwi na balkonie sa tylko namalowane. Za prawymi drzwiami wejsciowymi znajduje sie tylko sciana :)

15 thoughts on “Lubiaz – Prince’s Hall

  1. Such a beautiful and wonderful place with the sculptures, illusionistic ceiling paintings and wall fresco is so well catured by you. Thank you for sharing this awesome Lubiaz – Prince’s Hall with us.

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