Pea Green House


Ustron, Poland. For other photographs of Ustron you can visit here.

Some years ago people started painting their houses lovely colors of yellow, green, and orange. Because Ustron lies in the mountains, it can get a lot of snow in the winter. Most houses have seriously slanted roofs which help with the slip-sliding of accumulated snow when the sun warms up the world.

The pea-green house is a family home, but many owners are combining their own quarters with the rooms for rent during summer and winter vacation and generally all year for any tourists. It is lovely, isn’t it, to stay in a cute room like this one with its own balcony. In the morning you could stand there with a steaming cup of tea and watch the new day wake up. In the evening you could watch the sunrise and smell the sweet flowers. Ahhh….

Well, do NOT forget the book 😉

And the camera 😉

See you there…

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