Flooded River

Recent heavy rains brought two results: melted the rest of the snow and flooded the river. Swatara does not need prolonged rains to flood; a good night and day of rain will flood the surrounding fields. I am always amazed at the amount and speed of water rushing in the overflowing river. There are many low places around Swatara that get under water when the river floods. This time the roads in the area were unaffected, but had the rain persisted for a day more, the outcome might have been more serious.

As soon as it stopped raining, I went for a drive to see for myself how the situation looks like. I looked at the river and I even found a couple of interesting details in the otherwise monotone surroundings.


3 thoughts on “Flooded River

  1. Hi Sonia, thanks for liking one of my posts. I looove trees as well, love how branches and leaves can be used as frames for a photograph… Please feel free to check out my favourite tree shots on my blog =) !

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